Wether you are an entusiast looking for something new, or a geek in search of technology, you are welcome. We’ve been playing with motorcycles and cars for long time, and what you see here is just a bit of our works.

We spaced from restorations to customizations, including metal shaping, upholstery and bodywork, spending whole days working hard and learning new skills.

We learnt to do many things the hard way, often wasting time and money. Limited means have been a costant feature of our projects, giving us the opportunity to re-think existing ideas in a new way. In the 90’s electronics was black magic for us and for most of people. Internet was useful for chats, and Amazon were only selling books.

Our limit in electronics was evident, we had no school knowledge, but we had the result in mind, so we faced this challenge just like we did in the past, by trial and error. Initially we approached the electronics world by using development boards, and soon discovering that the automotive environment is harsh.

Crazy projects like vespa EFI went on, along with many others that involved a microcontroller and a vehicle, like programmable CDI units. They helped us a lot in understanding design techniques, and software strategies, while we also had lot of fun. We then invented the Y-Dash system .

Designed to push the limit of customization further, we started playing with smartphones, and discovered a great processing power, that would not put limit to our imagination, allowing the use of custom graphics and features. The Y-Dash project is always in evolution, like the customizing art is. We hope you like it.